The Associate Board of Ambassadors (ABOA) is the American Cancer Society's young professionals group who raise money in the fight against cancer since its inception in 2014 through supporting local fundraising efforts in the Nashville area.  


ABOA members have the opportunity to network with others who are interested in making a difference in their community and significantly impacting the Society’s lifesaving mission.


American Cancer Society's

Associate Board of Ambassadors

- Nashville -

About the American Cancer Society

Our mission is simple. Save lives and celebrate life.
Every single day.

Every action we take moves us one step closer to a world free from the pain and suffering of cancer. We do this by drawing on the values of humanity to encourage prevention, raise awareness, foster innovation, inspire generosity, deepen understanding and provide care.


We encourage prevention by advocating for lifesaving changes, promoting early  screening, and empowering others to make healthy lifestyle choices.


We are relentless in our efforts to raise awareness by honoring the people we’ve lost, supporting those in treatment, and celebrating the lives we’ve saved.

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We foster innovation by conducting groundbreaking research and funding pioneering scientists.


We inspire generosity by motivating communities to donate and mobilizing them to act.


We deepen understing one affected by cancer by delivering crucial health information and vital patient service.

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Why join the ABOA?

Save Lives

Fundraise for a cause that

you believe in. 

Network with high-quality group of Nashville professionals.

Build relationships with donating companies.

Attend premiere fundraising events.




The Best Dressed Ball is an exciting event with a fashion flare in Nashville, TN benefiting the American Cancer Society.

It is an evening packed with dining, entertainment, auctions, honoree recognition and much more.

This event will recognize the talents and achievements of professionals in the Greater Nashville area who have distinguished themselves in the community.

Attendees can include over 400 local and regional executives, physicians and healthcare workers, business professionals, and other influential members of the Nashville community.



1. SERVE AS A COMMUNITY AMBASSADOR  for the American Cancer Society’s mission and programs through recruitment, social media, and more. 

2. ACHIEVE AN ANNUAL FUNDRAISING MINIMUM of $1,000 annual give/get.

3. PARTICIPATE ON AN ABOA TEAM to accomplish group fundraising goals.

4. ACTIVE INVOLVEMENT including attending ABOA meetings and committee meetings.

5. STRIVE TO VOLUNTEER for at least one American Cancer Society event. 

Contact American Cancer Society's Associate Board of Ambassadors

American Cancer Society

2000 Charlotte Ave
Nashville, TN 37203

American Cancer Society

In the United States, call for cancer information: 1.800.227.2345 
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